Wildlife Walk around Adam Henson’s Cotswolds Farm Park

Despite being crispy cold this Sunday it was a lovely, clear sunny day so we made the most of it and took a trip to Adam Henson’s Farm. In addition to the Farm Park there is a short walk of 2 miles or an even shorter version of 1 mile. This is accessed near to the Farm Park gate but as it does not pass through the park there is no entry fee. There are arrow signs and information boards throughout the walk.

During our stroll we saw some partridges and a hare; being February it is still fairly quiet with much of the plant life also being dormant. We walked through a field of sheep who became used to our presence after a few minutes and even fed from my hand and let me stroke their heads.

There are a few stiles and a slope or two, but other than that it is a an easy walk. A downloadable leaflet is available from the website https://www.cotswoldfarmpark.co.uk/visit-us/wildlife-walk/