National Gardens Scheme – Open Gardens throughout the Cotswolds @NGSOpenGardens

The National Gardens Scheme has been in existence since 1927 during which time it has donated over £50 million to nursing charities throughout the UK.

People with exceptional gardens are invited to open their gardens to the public on one or two specific dates during the year. Money is raised from entrance fees and the sale of tea and cakes. Many grand houses take part and quite often a village will have an Open Gardens Day with several gardens including small cottage gardens open to visitors.

Some gardens are open by arrangement or on a ticket only basis so do check the website for these and pop-up gardens which don’t appear in the brochures. . This year around 3,700 gardens will be open for charity. How amazing is that?

There is always at least one Open Garden near us each weekend throughout the warmer months. Don’t forget to look at Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire in addition to Gloucestershire as we are quite close to these county borders.

We visit at least a dozen of these every year and are always delighted when we enter the normally secret world of the rear garden. We often travel past many of these hideaways wondering what the main garden behind the house is like; so it is always a fulfilling discovery. We have also had some of the best cake ever in the most magnificent surroundings during these visits.

Visiting one or several gardens is such an uplifting way to spend an afternoon.. Even if you have only a short time in the area what better way to experience the true spirit of the area?