Medieval Mosaic in Woodstock in the #cotswolds

Woodstock is host to an amazing artwork at the moment. The ‘1066 – A Medieval Mosaic’ is a complete recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry created from steel. This magnum opus has taken Michael Linton 33 years to create; in its later stages his daughter Rachel joined him, researching and redrawing some of the stories. The work is a massive 64 metres long. The final sections depict the coronation of William the Conquerer and the Battle of Fulford and The Battle of Stamford Bridge. The Mosaic has its own website where you can find out about this and the Linton family’s other creative work.

There is also an interactive Portal which brings the 11th century to life and is an incredibly well researched tool for history buffs and medieval enthusiasts as well as children eleven years and older. Encoded into the mosaic are puzzles. There is a prize of a section of the mosaic for the first correct answer – tremendous.

You can see the Mosaic at The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock until 31 May. The Museum is closed on Mondays. The entry fee is a modest £4.50. An opportunity not to be missed; we are visiting today.