Julie Anne’s Iced Lemon Verbena and Mint Tea Recipe – super for summer

We are really enjoying this wonderful summer and my favourite drink at the moment is Iced Lemon Verbena and Mint Tea. We are lucky to have both of these in our garden. This has a delicious clean taste, is completely natural and contains no caffeine. I do not boil the herbs because I think it destroys the freshness. I like it strained because verbena leaves are a bit scratchy. Here is my easy recipe.

4 or 5 sprigs of mint
4 or 5 sprigs of lemon verbena
2 green tea bags
1 – 2 teaspoons sugar or Splenda (if desired)

1 litre cafetiere

Rinse the leaves and crush to release the flavour and place in the cafetiere. Fill two thirds full with boiling water and stir well, agitating the leaves. Add the tea bags and sugar, stir and allow to steep for 15 minutes or so, top up with cold water before pressing the tea. Allow to cool and strain off. Add ice and top up with cold water to obtain your desired strength. Keep in the fridge. Serve with a sprig of mint.

We like to take this on a picnic or a walk. It is a refreshing alternative to alcohol too. I sometimes add fennel leaves or lavender for a change. Lemon verbena and ginger is also a nice tummy calming tea.