Daylesford Cookery School – @Daylesfordfarm

This week Robert and I and some other local business owners were invited to Daylesford to meet the chefs at Daylesford Cookery School. James and James prepared some very tasty nibbles for us and told us all about the Cookery School. They are both very knowledgeable and amiable and all the guests enjoyed the evening immensely. They were so willing to share techniques, so great teachers too.

The school itself is a bright, airy kitchen fitted out with top quality appliances and equipment. The ingredients used at Daylesford are always organic and the emphasis is on healthy eating and innovative ideas.

The courses are generally a full day and include lunch and drinks throughout the day. Participants always go home with a binder and sometimes some of the food prepared during the course. Also, the ingredients are all available in the Farm Shop. These classes are a fun day out with a purpose.

We really like the atmosphere and the skills taught are diverse and focus on new methods and styles as well as healthy ingredients. Even those of us who can cook will welcome the opportunity to expand our knowledge and repertoire. The courses include butchery, artisan bread and fermenting amongst many others.

There are half day courses for children from 5 years old which include a visit to the market garden to harvest the food which they cook during the class. The Teens’ Classes inspire older children to prepare exciting and healthy dishes that they will hopefully prepare at home for the family. We really like the idea of the Student Classes too.

Gift Vouchers are available for all types of course; these are a perfect gift for those of us who (like me) feel it would be a bit self indulgent to buy oneself a Course – although on reflection it would benefit the whole family, so quite a selfless act really.

A great day out with a purpose and a sense of achievement at the end of it.