#Corona Virus Prevention. #Cotswolds B&B Plan of Action. Keep Clean and Carry On

Keep clean and carry on

Everything in our area is currently running as normal. We want to keep it that way. Please read on to see what we are doing to protect our guests

Please help us to protect you and other guests.

We are doing our best to protect our guests from Corona Virus and other infections.

Hand washing is the best prevention. For an effective clean you need soap and water and must wash from above your wrist bone to fingertips, paying attention to the nails and between fingers – don’t forget the thumbs. This will take thirty seconds for a proper clean.

Germs can live on hard surfaces for unto 3 days.

We touch our faces about 15 times per hour. We need to reduce this when we are healthy and try not to do it at all if we think we might be infectious.

We have completed Food Safety courses and keep a record of hygiene practises. We have 5* from Food Safety Agency.

Please do not be offended if we are extra careful and keep our distance.

We would like all guests to accept our offer of hand sanitiser at breakfast time.

We need you to help us at this time – yes, we know we are providing a service but we all need to take any measures we can to keep everyone safe.

How you can help

  • Please wash your hands as soon as you return to the B&B
  • Wash your hands before coming to the lounge / dining room
  • Accept the offer of sanitiser drops before breakfast
  • Always carry tissues and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Please place used tissues in a sealed bag before putting in the bin. (We have to handle the rubbish)
  • Wash your hands after using tissues, coughing and touching your face etc.
  • If you think you may have transferred germs when you touched a surface then please clean it.
  • Please keep your room clean and tidy so that we can maintain hygiene standards
  • If you think you have a cold please be aware that we have to handle items in your room so please protect us by washing cups etc.
  • Some items like paper are almost impossible to sanitise – they must be kept clean

What we are doing to protect our guests.

  • We are being vigilant away from the house and are keeping outside contact to a minimum.
  • We are offering sanitiser in the dining room.
  • In addition to our regular cleaning for room change overs we are sanitising: all switches, handles, doors, table tops, mirrors, chairs, keys, remotes and lots, lots more
  • We are doing all the above and more in shared areas, paying particular attention to food containers.
  • Providing extra bags for tissues in the rooms.
  • We are constantly washing our hands and using sanitiser.
  • As an extra precaution we are using the bedrooms in rotation so that they stay empty for a few days between guests.