Corsham Field Farmhouse

Cotswolds AONB Hare Trail 2018

The five foot hares are back again this year. For anyone unaware (or should that be unahare?), The Cotswolds AONB has devised a locally sponsored art installation with over 100 hare sculptures placed in towns, villages and tucked away corners. The hares are all the same basic shape when they arrive at the studios, after which the artists let loose their creativity so that each hare becomes a unique individual. The variety and beauty of the hares is amazing.

The Hares will be in situ from 22 May until 09 September after which they will be auctioned off and the proceeds going to the Cotswolds Conservation Board.

Hare Preview – 27 March at the Old Prison in Northleach. See the massed hares before they march off to their summer destinations. Just 10 miles from us.

Hare spotting is great fun and encourages greater exploration and appreciation of the Cotswolds. A great way to get families outdoors and to inspire creativity in children and adults. Many hare trailers make it their mission to track down every hare. Photographers also assemble hare albums.